Z:DTF 2.0

"This ain’t your momma’s chicken salad." And this isn’t my old blog. It’s gone. Forever. I tried to go through and make piecemeal edits by removing entries and so on, but it was like ripping pages right out of the middle of a story. I couldn’t do it and pretend what was left was still a representation of what it had once been. So it’s gone, and gone for good. The new Dumber Than Fiction is going to be a nearly complete departure from the old setup, so if you’re used to what I was writing before, shed a tear and move on.

3 Responses to Z:DTF 2.0

  1. treelady says:

    Hello…I had a second of WHERE IS HE?! …I poped over to my blog from one of my others just to see if anyone had visited..and your pic was gone from my page..I truly do think I would miss you if you left…so strange …but well you and Lola are my only "friends" out here in this floating burg I call a blog on msn…I was thinking of ditching mine altogrther as I have like 8 blogs and a cherrytap account to contend with.. But I decided yesterday to try to get worked up over here again..I see they have done a few tweeks..and some work with yahoo too so I am extreamly happy.
    I hope you have a great weekend and I will post a bit more often …see ya around..HUGS

  2. Phil says:

    So is this now More Dumber Than Fiction?ORDumberer Than Fiction

  3. B. says:

    I think "Dumb & Dumberer" was too much of a cinematic abomination to call this "Dumberer Than Fiction", so maybe it should be "More Dumber Than Fiction"–for now.

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