And His Name Was “Heinrich”

Here’s your first glimpse of what the "new" (note the omission of the word "improved") Zero: Dumber Than Fiction. That’s right, this is primarily going to focus on projects. I’ll leave my personal crap at the door. Along those lines, I started a 1:20 "Heinrich" from Maschinen Krieger many months ago, and finally started getting back into it over the last week or two. Click here to learn more about the Heinrich. At this point, I don’t have a whole lot of progress–and no pictures, aside from the box art–but it’s starting to shape up. The legs and the arms are just about assembled and painted, the torso was just glued together last night–still needing puttying and sanding–and the little guy in there needs a fair amount of touch-up, but he’s just about done, too. Also, I put together a second panzerfaust tube for the spare warhead to be mounted to the torso–which I still need to build the mount points for.
The base will be fun, too, as I’m going to try my hand at Celluclay again. It’s been over a year, and the leftover Celluclay in the ‘fridge went moldy months ago, so I’ll be buying some new. It’s going to be small, but hopefully, it will stand out–if only a little.
After that, another MaK build: The recently released 1:20 "Luna Pawn" kit. The armored suit itself is just a space-ready version of this one, but the kit engineering is significantly updated, so it looks like it should be a semi-painless build–which is a nice change from these old, old, old, old old Nitto MaK kits. More progress will follow.

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  1. treelady says:

    Hello..popped in and wanted to say hey..Hope you have a great week!

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