Slow–But Steady–Progress

Progress is slow, but steady on the Heinrich. I’ve got the torso puttied and sanded, but haven’t quite managed to put paint to plastic yet. And this weekend is going to be very busy, so I probably won’t get much more done on it before Sunday night. But it’s proceeding nicely. And I’m in no hurry. This is still just a hobby, after all. And hobbies are meant to take place in your spare time–much like blogging. I’ve found a banner I’d like to add to the blog. I just don’t have the first clue how to do it–outside of a blog entry and still within the "Space". I’m sure I’ll figure out something. Possibly.
In "recent acquisition" news, I did just receive an order from "HoA Outlet" a week ago. And then before that, there was the recent order of Ma.K Luna Pawns–but that was a one-time deal through an acquaintance. I hadn’t used HoA  at all since I had a foreign magazine subscription (through them) run out in October(?). At any rate, there was an issue of said magazine that I really needed to pick up (mainly because of the free model-building extras it came with), so I went ahead and placed a just-over-$50 order to qualify for the free shipping. So–in a stunning disregard for my own dwindling finances, I picked up the MG Crossbone X-1 ver.Ka. I wasn’t sure I’d build it, but I knew it’d be a nice collector’s piece somewhere down the road. So much for that thinking. The shipping box arrived intact, but the kit box had been through the ringer (the magazine and its bonus parts were fine, thankfully). The box was pretty crumpled in on one side, but after careful examination, it would appear that all the parts inside were intact. I suppose that this at least gives me a good reason to build the thing, as opposed to leaving it sitting around gathering dust.
First, however, I need to finish the Heinrich. And there might be one or two other Maschinen Krieger projects coming down in short order, too. And let’s not forget about the big regional contest in mid-March, as well as the 1:72 Corsair contest at the local club in March. It’s going to be a busy spring. Fortunately, I’m well-stocked on plastic and (ha ha) shouldn’t need to be buying any more model kits anytime soon. Oh wait… There’s a kit auction next weekend. There’s always something… I need to start leaving my wallet at home.

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