Bumpy Progress on the Heinrich (Literally!)

Monday evening, I made more progress on the Heinrich–and I scored some Celluclay so I can start forming the display base at my convenience–as long as it has at least three days to dry. It’s slow-dryin’ stuff, but I have used it once before. And it’s definitely the best stuff for the job. I just need to create the styrofoam shape to slap it on, and then it’s time to mix up the ‘clay, water, and glue(?) and get messy.
Anyways… Monday, I basically re-painted everything because I was experimenting with a "new" (to me) technique I read about. Basically, it creates an effect unaffectionately referred to as "orange peel" which is very undesired at small scales (1:72 and up), but can work very well on larger scales (1:48 down to the 1:20–and probably larger), like the ol’ Heinrich I’m working with now. As the name implies, the effect gives some texture to the surface–much like that of the skin of an orange. Go figure.
It’s a little hard to make out in the picture, but there’s a texture to the armor as well as the rusted out exhaust port. As a result, everything looks rougher… Almost like it was cast, instead of shaped. And definitely gives it a better sense of scale. I’m really digging the results I achieved so far. There’s still a long ways to go, but progress has definitely been made.
I don’t know why these Mashinen Krieger kits are so appealing. They just are. And they’re out of production, so they’re getting harder to find. To that end, I just picked up two more from a guy on the internet. Folks I know and trust have good things to say about buying from him, so I’ll trust him–at least, for two kits. The two kits I picked up were the S.A.F.S. and the Fireball. With luck, they’ll be here by the end of the week. Somehow, I think I’m going to end up doing at least four of these kits this year. And considering how much time they consume, I’ll probably be doing little else for models. I’d like to get in some aircraft. In fact, I really need to get an aircraft done for the March meeting of the local IPMS, but we’ll just see how it all works out.
So there’s the long and short of it. Made some progress, tested out a great new way of painting 1:20 armored suits, and added some more to the ever-growing backlog. It was a good day.

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