Wednesday Progress on the Heinrich

Another day, another progress report. Actually, there’s not a whole lot to report for an update–even though I spent a couple hours working on it. Last night, I cleaned up the pilot’s head quite a bit. I screwed up the shadowing/detailing directions, so I’m going to need to go back and at least start the mouth and the eyes over. Not that big of a deal, and won’t take much time, so I’m not too worried about it. And it did give me an opportunity to break out a new ultra-fine point Tamiya paint brush I’d forgotten I owned. Second, I added the knee-covers to the legs–which has those at a stage where they’re just about finished. I think I’m going to go back and give them a little more "orange peel" before I call them "done", though. Third, I did some work on the shoulder plates–gave those some more tack (orange peel). And there were a few other bits and pieces I worked on that were just generally unremarkable.
And since I started this "blog" long after I’d started the build (even though not much had been done), I’ll do a little catch-up on one teeny-tiny aspect of it: The pair of panzerfausts. Although they were developed as an anti-tank weapon of World War II by the Germans, they’ve been a popular weapon in at least two or three different science fiction universes I’m aware of. Click here for the Wikipedia entry, detailing more history of the real-life panzerfaust. And since the Maschinen Krieger has a very "retro" look, it should be no surprise that Kow Yokoyama (the original creator) incorporated the panzerfaust as a key weapon for his armored combat suits. As such, the Heinrich came with two warheads, but only one launch tube. The other warhead could then be posed as being fired or ready to be loaded, I guess. At any rate, I decided I wanted two ready-to-fire panzerfausts. So… consulting my mighty pile of Evergreen styrene pieces, I selected a pipe of the proper diameter, and cut it to the appropriate length. Then, I took styrene strips and cut them into pieces roughly the same length and shape as those that constitute the "handle" on the other one. I also added some short "bolts" (very short pieces of small-diameter styrene rod) to the handle–just to make it look a little more "assembled". You can definitely tell the two apart when they’re side-by-side (as pictured), but the way I’m planning to display them, it should be a little tougher to pick apart. Besides, who says that there’s only one variation of a panzerfaust in the entire Ma.K universe?
The big thing that I still really need to get started is the display base. The wood is stained, but I haven’t done the cardboard substructure or even taken the Celluclay out of the bag yet. And since my last full batch of Celluclay went extra-moldy on me (even though it was in the ‘fridge the whole time), I’ll only be mixing up as much as I actually need for this. The rest will remain un-mixed until the next project calls for it. More progress will follow…

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