Heinrich? Done!

That’s right. As the title suggests, I’m now completely done with the Heinrich. I don’t have any pictures taken of the final product, but there are some in there right now that give a real strong indication what the whole thing looks like together. The short version of it is that yesterday–thanks to me taking a "snow day" from work–I re-weathered a couple sections of the Heinrich itself, determined the Celluclay to be hardened enough to paint and attach to the wooden base, and glued everything.
For the Heinrich, it was just some minor touch-up work–mostly right below the shoulder plates. I also took some alcohol-dipped Q-tips to some areas where I felt the weathering to be too heavy. Once all that was accomplished, I gave it a strong, flat overcoat and let it dry. For the base (Celluclay) piece, I peeled the tin foil off the bottom of it, put it on a paper plate, and spray-painted it with Tamiya "Light Sand". Then, for some stupid reason, I decided to try weathering the base with some brown, khaki, and dark yellow. The results weren’t exactly what I had hoped for, so I added more light sand spray paint over it. The bleed-through of the darker colors was much closer to the effect I was looking for. I also added some light weathering to the road sign–which was basically dry brushing some flat white over it. Once that was done, I used JB Weld to attach the Celluclay to the wooden base, and CA glue to attach the road sign and the Heinrich to the Celluclay. After all of that was done, I gave the whole thing one more flat overcoat, and then let it dry on top of the ‘fridge for an hour or two. After that, it was on to the display shelf, next to my Fliege–at least, until the contest in March. This thing’s definitely going to be competing. Once I get some decent pictures taken, I’ll write another blurb about it here and link to the gallery shots.
In conclusion, it was a fun build. Much easier than the Fliege. And I tried some new things–and learned some new things–in the process of putting the whole thing together. I got better at painting faces, worked with Celluclay for the first time in over a year, made a wooden prop–albeit a simple one (the road sign), and used the bumpy paint texture technique to great effect. As to what’s next, I’ve already started it. I’ll be posting progress on it soon.

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