Do-Over, Duel, & Dolittle

Well… As of Wednesday night, the M109A6 Paladin was not going well. I’d painted it twice, and it was sitting with most of its paint stripped on the bench. I was having a horrible time trying to get washes to work right to highlight the color, just about had it figured out, and decided I was using the wrong base color. So… after failing to stir the wrong color properly, I had a true mess on my hands last night and ended up stripping as much paint as I could to start over. The good news is that the Celluclay base is dry and ready to paint. The bad news is that it didn’t dry flat. I picked up some quick-set two-part epoxy Wednesday, which I’ll be using once I’ve got the wood base stained.
Thanks to a "snow day" on Thursday (it took me two hours to get one-third of the way to work, give up, turn around, and go home), I got a lot done on the Paladin. I re-painted it in the proper color, gave it several washes, and even added some details. The washes give it an entirely over-weathered look, based on the pictures I’ve seen, so I may need to just take some straight alcohol and thin out the "stains" a little bit. The details I added were three very fine antenna on the top of the turret, using heated/stretched styrene rods. I didn’t mess with the base, but I may on Sunday (the next day I’m planning on working on it).
In other news, you may remember the "duel" I participated in on my old blog. The duel that hasn’t quite been finished yet (c’mon, Phil). It was the one where my good friend Phil and I took the same model and built it–hundreds of miles apart. Unfortunately, Phil’s life got extremely busy and his hobby has taken a back seat (for now). So I’ve started another–totally different–duel, while waiting for Phil’s life to settle down enough to complete the current one. In this new duel, we’re not even using the same model. No. This one is going to be a "weathering duel" between tanks. 1:72 scale tanks, no less. 1:72 scale Dragon tanks, even. In fact, it’s a 1:72 scale Russian T-34/85, complete with "mattress spring armor". My fellow duelist will be working on a German Tiger I (this one), so it’ll be a WWII Eastern Front duel. And the goal is just for both of us to get better at our weathering techniques.
I should also mention that he’s the guy who snagged 1st place at the IPMS Nationals this summer with a great-looking mech, while I took 2nd place. So, you could almost call this a "grudge match". Fortunately, we’re a friendly bunch–and he’s a nice guy–so it’s more of a friendly build than a competitive thing. Of course, with the contest coming up mid-March, I’ve already suggested that I probably won’t start mine before the 18th of March, although I think that I’ll end up starting sooner. It’s a beautiful looking kit and I’m anxious to begin work on it. At any rate, that’s the update for another week.
I’ll be uploading some progress pics of the Paladin in the next few days, but wont make another entry about it until there’s actually more progress to report.

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