Paladin Update

Just a short update on the 1:144 M109A6 Paladin… I took it to the local club meeting on Saturday and it was given a surprisingly good reception. They thought it was rather well done, and their only real suggestion was to use a slightly darker wash to bring the small details out a little better. Needless to say, I was pleased. I also picked up a goofy little 1:72 scale French plane and a couple reference books at the club meeting, but I’m sure I’ll be coming back to all that sometime later.
The contest is coming up on Saturday. I still haven’t decided precisely what I’m entering yet. I know two models that are going in "for sure", but beyond that it’s still up in the air. I should probably decide rather quickly, as I need to start getting everything ready to pack in the car for the 130 mile trip on Saturday morning. And after the contest is over, I’ll finally be able to get started on that Russian T-34 build. And have that finished just in time for a local contest mid-April. After that, I’ve got at least three different projects I want to do. In no particular order, a 1:35 Huey, at least two 1:20 Maschinen Krieger suits, getting back into the Bandai models, and finally something from the growing backlog of airplanes. Preferrably a 1:32 Sopwith Camel. We’ll see.

One Response to Paladin Update

  1. treelady says:

    Good Luck and Happy ST. Pats Day!

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