Contest Results

As I mentioned in recent entries, this last Saturday was the "OMACON" contest. And it went very well. I ended up fielding five entries across what became four different categories. There was a 1:72 Sopwith Camel (entered as "Camel Jockey", the 1:144 M109A6 "Paladin" howitzer (entered as "Paladin in Iraq"), my Heinrich (entered as "Desert Scout"), my old Zaku II–that I entered in the Nationals last year, and didn’t win anything with (entered as "Sleeping Giant"), and my Rick Dias from my previous "duel" (entered as "Rick Dias in Space") Pictured to the right is just the Rick Dias by itself–without the base display. And it will have to do until Phil finishes up his Rick Dias, so we can close out our "Duel of the Dias".
The contest started out with a minor tragedy. The "Sleeping Giant" had a part snap loose of its glue during travel, and I had to make "emergency repairs" right at the display table. As a result of my own idiocy, the thing ended up with shiny super glue on his hand and shoulder. Very noticeable to me. As a result of that (and apparently some seam problems the judges identified?), that was my only piece entered that I didn’t take a medal with. Somehow, the other four pieces all earned medals in their respective categories.
In the end, the Sopwith Camel ended up taking a bronze in "pre-1940 aircraft". Considering the competition it was up against, and the VERY obvious flaws in it, I consider that an outstanding success. Because of the order of the categories, it was also the very first winner announced at the awards. Next–after all the aircraft and most of the armor–was the category for the howizter ("Paladin in Iraq"). Unbelievably, it took a silver. It looked fine. And it probably looked good enough–in that very small category–to warrant a bronze, but it took so little work to complete, compared to pieces that people had obviously spent a lot of time and effort on–that I think it should’ve been shoved further down, just in recognition of how hard the others worked on their pieces. Apparently, the judges felt differently. So I’ll take the silver there–no problem. Next up was the "ground based mechs" (or however they ended up phrasing it). My Heinrich and the Zaku were both in that category. Not surprisingly, the Zaku didn’t take anything. The Heinrich, however, ended up taking 2nd place. I had watched the judges as they went through that category. They spent a lot of time trying to decide. And in the end my piece didn’t quite take first. Honestly, I think it could have. I’m not entirely sure the reason behind its loss. The winner in that category built something completely from scratch. No kit. Just cobbled together a bunch of pieces to make a fairly decent looking "chicken walker" mech (a "chicken walker" is something that vaguely resembles the little "AT-ST" from "Star Wars"). Credit where credit is due–it was good, overall. I just didn’t find it particularly remarkable. Again, the judges felt different. And I can live with a silver. The last category was the "space-based sci-fi" (or whatever they called it). And this is the one where my Rick Dias ended up taking 1st place. I didn’t really get to see the judging on that category, but they must’ve come to a decision fairly quickly. I was pleased with that. Very pleased, in fact. So at the end of the day, I had one bronze, two silvers, and a gold. Not a bad day’s work.
Also present at the show were several regional vendors, as well as folks just selling off immense personal inventories of kits. In the end, I walked away with six kits that I didn’t have at the beginning of the day. There was the 1:48 FIAT G.50 BIS “FRECCIA”–an Italian Air Force plane from around WWII–that I won in the raffle. There was a couple of German WWI biplanes I picked up, there were a few sci-fi kits that were graciously purchased on my behalf, and there was a couple (civilian) racing airplanes that came together in one box I picked up for the low, low price of $2. Great haul. And I could’ve spent so much more. Fortunately, I budgeted myself. Now I just need to figure out how to budget my time so I can get some of these great kits built.
As this is a model-building blog now that has very little to do with my personal life, I’m going to hold back on some of the other details from the weekend. I’ll just say that it was a great weekend, and I had both expected and unexpected support from family, friends, and loved ones at the contest that made everything that much better. And it was just one component to a very memorable weekend. I can’t say enough good things about it, so I won’t even try. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though. Technically, this is my third real contest. And considering the results, it’s easily my best outing so far.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Hi! Congrats!
    Glad you won some medals. oh BTW it\’s me treelady..I got  a new blog.

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