Frustration Station

Well, I about threw the T34 out the window yesterday. Or the back door. Or something. With previous builds, I’d had some experience and familiarity with assembling pieces using tweezers. Nothing, however, could prepare me for the mess I have on my hands with this tank. No less than three important pieces have now been lost to the carpet. It doesn’t look good. Not at all. I’m still trying to weigh all my options at this point, but I’m strongly considering abandoning the build entirely, in favor of something else. In order to not abandong the duel entirely, I still want to try to get a 1:72 Russian tank done, but I’ve just about had it with this one. There’s a very good reason it’s called an "armor pro" model, and I think it has to do with having a professional level of paitence.
On that note, I did start a new build yesterday. Something far less frustrating. And something that will involve me hand-painting my first camo scheme ever. It should be interesting. Today, I need to find some liquid mask and some blue paint. Details to follow.

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