The Other New Build… A “Nutrocker”

That’s right… I mentioned working on something else, due to the sense of hopelessness the T34 is giving me. Well… Here it is: the Maschinen Krieger Nutrocker. It was given to me as a gift, so I’m doing my best to make something special out of it.
In the fictional world of Maschinen Krieger, the Nutrocker is an unmanned "tank". Its name is also most likely a mis-translation of "Nut Cracker". As a Maschinen Krieger kit, it is also unique in that it is the only kit in this line by Nitto which was not in a scale of 1:20. Instead, this piece is 1:76. That makes it readily compatible with the multitude of 1:72 kits and accessories out there. And yes, I’m going to be taking advantage of that. I’ll let you know exactly how as it shapes up.
At this point, I’ve nearly completed assembly of the base of the tank (haven’t touched the turret yet), with a couple minor additions: Antennaes made from stretched styrene. I’ll be adding more in that department, but not just yet. In addition, I’ve picked out a paint scheme based on one of those that is on what’s referred to as the "camo cards" that come with the kit. Each Nitto Ma.K kit came with a khaki/brown colored piece of cardstock that gives possible color scheme ideas. The one I’ve picked is an urban color scheme, which, in itself, appears to be loosely based on the "Dazzle camouflage". If you click here, the link will take you to a scan of the "camo card" for the Nutrocker. The scheme I’m referring to is at the bottom of the page. Dazzle camouflage (a.k.a. "Razzle Dazzle") was used by ships–primarily during World War I. The scheme itself consisted of intersecting geometric shapes, designed to make it difficult to visually assess a ship’s distance and speed. It was designed for confusion, rather than concealment. Click here for the Wikipedia article on the subject.
And that’s the current state of affairs on kits… The T34 stumbles forward (I’ll post progress on that, as I’m able), and I’ve got a Nutrocker that’s coming together quite nicely. Progress on both will follow.

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