“Baby Dragon Duel” Update

In an effort to document my continuing progress on the T34/85 Russian WWII tank, here’s the latest updates from the message boards, copied and pasted for your convenience:
UPDATE #3 (posted April 3, 2007)
Just a short update: I hate this kit. There’s a reason the box says "Armor Pro"–and I ain’t one. I’ve lost several parts to the carpet now, as they fly out of my tweezers at roughly half the speed of sound, disappearing forever. Fortunately, I took a very necessary step yesterday (Monday) towards working around that: I bought a "parts donor" kit. And why would my hobby shop have another T34 on the shelf? Actually… That’s probably a good thing. Who wants two copies of something driving them insane, anyways?

For my "parts donor", I snagged a 1:72 Italeri JS-2 Stalin (this one). So far, I’ve only had to swipe the headlight and a grab-handle, but there’s a long way to go in this build, and I have every confidence that I’ll manage to lose more parts of the damned thing. In the picture to the right (click on it for a larger picture), note the green-colored parts. That indicated the Italeri stand-ins.

Did I mention I hate this kit?
UPDATE #4 (posted April 11, 2007)
I’ve been sick as hell for the last week or so, and when I haven’t been confined to bed with coughing fits, I’ve been doing the interior on a new sunroom (not in my house, by the way). Nevertheless, I have gotten a little bit of work done on the T34–and a lot more work done on a Nutrocker when the T34 drives me bonkers (which is often).

And by "a little bit of work", I mean very little. I’ve managed to glue the turret together and (not pictured) apply some paint to it. I’ve also managed to lose yet another grab-handle from the main body of the tank. It was immediately replaced with one from the donor kit. I’ve affixed the rear engine cover. The effect of the photo-etch engine grill over the photo-etch heat sinks(?) underneath is really striking. I still, however, hate this stupid project and have been dragging my feet on it pretty badly.
As a result, we (or "me", anyways) are probably going to miss the original target deadline of the 14th. At this point, I have two options… One, I keep working until the stupid thing is done. Two, I throw it in the trash; thereby ending my misery. I refuse to put this one "on the shelf" to finish later, as I make no illusion that it would forever remain unfinished if I were to do so. Thus, for now, I’m just making progress… Little by little.

And there you have it… The latest on this damned tank.

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