Nutrocker Update

I’ve been lousy about posting progress updates on my builds… And I can’t say that I really care. Between coughing both lungs and my pancreas out over the last two weeks, I’ve not paid much mind to either updating my builds or updating my writings on said builds. And yet… Here we are.
So… Since I last reported in on the Nutrocker (or initially reported on it), I’ve run into a few problems and made a few big steps forward. All of which were carefully detailed in a nice, long entry that my MSN Explorer managed to eat. This is all a little relieving. I was just starting to get comfortable with the notion that maybe–just maybe–MSN had sorted out all the bugs and problems associated with MSN and Spaces. Talk about false hope. No. Things are straight down the crapper with their POS browser and this POS "personal ‘Space’". Again.
So here’s the nickel-version of what’s been happening with the Nutrocker. Had problems with hand-painting, stripped the paint, used Tamiya masking tape to mark out the camo areas better, and re-painted. I’m still going with "dazzle camo", in decidedly urban colorings. For a little more detail–in pictures–check out the Nutrocker "Photo Album" (assuming that works). It gives you a good idea of the steps I’ve gone through (and attempted to write down). I’m also predicting that I’ll have this thing done within a month or so, at which point I’ll start in on the much larger diorama project I have in mind.
It’s too bad MSN ate that whole entry. It was a beauty.

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