Another Build: Luna Pawn Group Build

As more proof that I’m in way over my head, I’m going to talk about a third build I’m working on right now. It’s part of a Group Build, which means that other–far more talented–modelers out there are working on the same kit I am, but probably doing it quite a bit differently. At any rate, I finally posted my first entry to that Group Build, so I’ll re-post it here.
Just so you don’t think I’ve been completely slacking off with this Group Build… I have started a Luna Pawn and worked on it off and on for the past few weeks (or has it been months?). I have no idea where I’m going with this thing right now, but I’ve opted to go with a base color of light gray. It will most likely be OOOB with a simple, yet semi-interesting (and lunar-themed) display stand. For your enjoyment, a couple of pictures for proof:

In this first shot (to the upper-right), you can see that I’ve stuck a few pieces on sticks and painted them. Progress! The face is giving me a bit of trouble because… well… because I’m awful at painting faces. But I’m lightly tinting the visor, so it will hopefully hide some of the horridness. If not, I’ll paint the visor solid. Problem: solved.

In the second shot (on the left), you can see that I’ve got a torso and the start of some limbs. Torso was straightforward. As I write this, putty is curing on the limb seams, so those will be sanded and then painted directly.

More progresss will follow. Eventually.

A little bit of history on the "Luna Pawn"… As you may or may not be able to tell, it’s another Maschinen Krieger kit. Unlike the other kits I’ve worked on–unlike all other Ma.K kits out there, in fact, this one is different for two reasons: (1) It’s not made by Nitto–the company that officially carried the license to make kits until a few years ago. WAVE has taken over the license to make model kits and has told folks that their plans are to eventually release new toolings of all the old kits. Eventually. (2) It is a brand-new (just December of last year), modern kit. It goes together almost more like an action figure than a kit, with the polycap joints, but it will still require a bit of work to make it pretty–just like the ol’ Nitto kits. The worst is probably the forearms–at least, on the cannon arm. I’m not sure what they were thinking there, but it’s an ugly seam and will probably require some additional work. The helmet may also need re-touching. Actually… It probably will. I just don’t want to face it. And I’m running low on light gray Tamiya paint. Sounds like I need to make (another) trip to the hobby store sometime soon.
Hey–at least I’m workin’ on something here.

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