“Baby Dragon” (T34) Update

I’ve posted an update on the T34 tank, even though I haven’t made any actual progress:
I haven’t been posting any progress on the T34 becuase… there hasn’t been any! So… I’ll go back and show you a previously unseen test fit picture.

As you can see here, there are certain aspects of the Russian tank that really defy conventional design standards. I mean, who would’ve thought the Russians would have made such a stunning tank in 1944? At least the turret seems to fit nicely–if a little loose.

Actually, when you get right down to it… That turret doesn’t look half-bad on the Nutrocker (aside from the color conflict with the green barrel). Regardless, there hasn’t been any real progress to report on the T34. It’s hopelessly behind schedule, past deadline, and there’s little hope of me finishing it any time in the next ten days. But I’ll keep at it. And Riccardo has promised to keep at his–even if he’s moved across an ocean to another country before he calls it done. I’m not promising I won’t throw the whole thing in the garbage before I’m done. I’m just saying that I won’t throw it in the garbage today. And–with this project–that counts for something. Exactly what it counts for, I have no idea. But it does count for something.

Related sidenote: Hand-painting "dazzle camo" can be a real pain in the arse.

As you can see, almost the entire update was just one big joke–aside from the fact that I really am hopelessly slow about working on it. And, if nothing else, it gives you a more complete picture of the Nutrocker camo scheme. Hurray for small additions.

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