Luna Pawn Update

Not only did I manage to post an update on the T34 project on Friday–even if it was mostly a joke–I also managed to post a real update on the status of my Luna Pawn:
A little more progress on the Luna Pawn has been made. Faceplates have been tinted, putty has been sanded, and paint has been applied (if somewhat badly in certain spots). I think the face looks un-awful enough where I won’t have to paint the visor a solid color. At least, that’s my hope.

Is it my imagination, or does my Luna Pawner look particularly upset about something. Does he see something he doesn’t like? Or does "burrito night" in the cafeteria make him wish for more than just a zero-gravity toilet? Maybe he’s just miffed that he doesn’t have any legs yet. That’s certainly a reasonable explanation.

I still don’t know precisely where I’m going with this thing, in terms of final paint scheme or how to pose and display it. I’ve got a few ideas floating around. Once he’s been fully painted in gray and given a final test-fit, I should have a better idea.

For the moment (emphasis on "moment"), the Luna Pawn is where most of my model-oriented free time is going, so I hope to be posting regular progress until it’s complete.

In addition to what’s written there, I’ll add that I re-sanded the helmet after concluding that I couldn’t live with a seam that was nearly visible. I then re-painted it. I also re-painted the forearms. The face was a little tricky. As I mentioned previously, I’m awful at painting faces–and this one was no exception. I think I’ve got it looking good enough where he can hide out behind a tinted faceplate in a darkened helmet, though. I just wish I had a better idea where I was going with this thing. Hopefully, inspiration will strike me soon.

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