Another Luna Pawn Update

It’s a race to the finish at this point. As I wrote below, I want to have this thing done before Saturday, which means I’ve really got my work cut out for me. I’m reasonably certain that–all things being equal–I can get it done either on-time or ahead of time. It’s also important to get this guy done, as he’s the last model I’ll probably be able to work much on till the middle of June or so. Let’s just say that May is going to be a very hectic month, and there won’t be much time for hobbies. But that’s a good thing, as what I’m working towards is more than worth taking a little time off my hobby for. So, with all that said, here’s the update I posted on Tuesday morning:
I made a bit more progress on the Luna Pawn last night. My goal is to have the whole thing done before Saturday, as there’s an IPMS contest I’d like to throw him into. This means a lot more work needs to be done in my free evenings this week. Fortunately, as a government worker in Nebraska, I have Friday off as a paid holiday (it’s Arbor Day, don’tcha know).

The first picture here (top-right) is essentially un-changed from from this previous one, with the exception of an added decal. I just liked the close-up shot, as it showed Mr. Ugly’s horrible, horrible face. It also presents his little silver "ring-around-the-collar" better, although I doubt that will be visible in the final product.

In this second picture (immediate left), I was actually just showing that I’ve nearly finished work on the helmet, but decided to dress it up with a new face(?) while I was at it. This face will not be present in the final model (thankfully). Decals have been added, as per the instructions, and a little bit of weathering has been done (by No.2 pencil). I may try to highlight the weathered spots with just a hint of silver (probably in the form of Tamiya Flat Aluminum), just to bring it out a little more.

In the final picture (lower-right, affectionately captioned "wing or drumstick?"), I’ve got arms and legs, in various stages of development. The right arm is nearly finished. A gloss coat has been applied to it, washes applied, and just a little bit of weathering. The left (gun) arm has been washed, though I can’t help but feel that the forearm portion needs more color. I’m thinking orange or red. The legs have been painted. Tonight, they’ll get an overcoat, some washes, and (time permitting) decals and weathering. Also visible in this picture is the display stand I intend to use for the Luna Pawn.

The next steps on the Luna Pawn are fairly straightforward. I need to finish the Luna Pawn itself, adding some color to the left forearm in the process. The base is where I need to devote some energy immediately, if I want it done by Saturday. I’m planning on coloring/staining the wooden base using india ink, in the same way you’d rub in any other wood stain. This is a trick I picked up from someone on the message boards for something else I did. On top of the wood will be some celluclay formed to (roughly) resemble the surface of the moon. Any paint/color suggestions on that? Actually, I’ll take any general suggestions at all on that. I’m planning on using Celluclay (instant paper maché), which means I need to mix it up tonight.

In the past, I’ve had problems with Celluclay sticking down to the wooden base. As it dries, it tends to shrink, and pull up from the base you intend to attach it to. As a way around that, it’s been suggested to me that I drill some holes in the base (probably at least 1/8" diameter) to give the Celluclay something to "root" into. So… I’m going to try all that. And, since Celluclay easily takes three days or more to properly dry, I’ve got a full plate of activity tonight if I want this done by Saturday.

So that’s all there is to tell for now, comments and suggestions are very welcome. Oh, and if someone has Luna Pawn lineart somewhere, I could really use that to play around with color ideas for that forearm. Thanks!

And there you have it. The latest dirt on my latest project. Since, as I said, I plan to have this done by the end of the week, I’ll probably be posting at least a couple of more updates on this in the coming days.

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