Luna Pawn UPDATE?!?

I said I’d be working hard and trying to get this thing done, and just to prove my point, here’s another progress report, straight off the message boards.
LUNA PAWN UPDATE: April 25, 2007
Last night, I made more progress than I had even been planning on. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put five hours into something, completely neglecting everything from laundry to dinner. At the rate I’m going, the Luna Pawn itself may be finished tonight, with the base to follow after the Celluclay dries in a day or two.

First, some progress pictures:

As I suggested yesterday, I opted to add some color to the gun forearm, making it red (orange just didn’t seem to go with the gray). I used a glossy red (even though it will get a flat coat eventually) because I wanted it to stand out a little more against the flat light gray that the rest of the body was. I didn’t get any weathering done, but everything’s been hit with a gloss coat, washes have been applied (though some touch-up may yet occur), and all the decals the instructions call for have been placed (though I may add some additional markings). One of the shoulder "snowmen" somehow got a wrinkle in it, so I will probably have to do some weathering/scarring to cover that up a little better.

In addition to the progress on the Pawn itself, I also managed to stain the wooden base with india ink. I’m going to need to do some touch-up to it where I got sloppy with the Celluclay, but it’s at least mostly done. The Celluclay was the usual amount of fun. It’s like trying to sculpt with tuna salad. For both the staining and the mixing and application of the Celluclay, latex gloves were invaluable in keeping my hands clean. Just remember to take any rings off–those have a tendency to tear through the gloves.

With the india ink (and with gloves on), I simply used the eyedropper on the bottle lid to apply the ink to the wood, and then rub it around with an old sock. Another nice aspect of using ink is that there are no fumes, as there would be with wood stain. Thus, it’s a lot easier to accomplish indoors. This was very helpful, as we received a near-constant rain last night.

With the Celluclay, it’s always so hard to guage how much you’re going to need so–of course–I mixed up way too much Celluclay. I mix it up with warm water in a large freezer bag until it’s ready to apply, and then I just sealed the excess Celluclay in the freezer bag and threw it in the refrigerator. That way, I’ve got extra ready to do touch-up work, should that become necessary. Once the proper amount was down on the base, I kept the gloves on and just dipped my fingertips in a small bowl of water to smooth out the Celluclay until it looked like a sandy surface. It will probably require a little bit more water tonight, to smooth out anything I missed yesterday, but it’s looking good and I’m more pleased with it at this stage than I thought I would be.

Finally, here’s a little shot of the whole thing (with helmet removed):

(click to enlarge)

He’s not perfect, but he’s starting to look pretty good to me. And that’s saying a lot.

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