Expanded Portfolio(?) of Work

In case you hadn’t noticed, I added a few links to that "Finished Works" list on the left. Specifically, I added links to the Photobucket pictures for the following:
    • Paladin in Iraq – This was the teeny-tiny M109A6 howitzer I built a while back. Just for frame-of-reference (and fun), there’s a quarter in each picture to give you some idea of the scale of the thing. My final comment is that I don’t like the way the Celluclay pulled up from the base of it, but I figured out how to get around that on the Luna Pawn, at least.
    • Desert Scout – The Maschinen Krieger Heinrich I finished not too long ago. The build was detailed here in the blog. As with the Paladin, I don’t like the way the Celluclay pulled up as it dried, but I also know now how to  (hopefully) keep that from happening.
    • Moon Soldier – This one should be fairly obvious, as I just finished it. Nothing to really add here. It’s my current piece on display at my desk at work (I loves the Maschinen Krieger).
    • Rick Dias in Space – This one pre-dates the blog. I either finished it late last year or early this year. It was part of a "Duel"–where Phil (a very good friend of mine) was supposed to be building the same kit. Unfortunately, "life" got in his way and he hasn’t had an opportunity to work much on this, so he’s gone ahead and given the "okay" to post this. When I entered it in Omacon, I called it "my money-maker", as I thought it was a sure winner. And it did: It took a first place medal. In Kansas City, it didn’t even rate an honorable mention. Such is life.
It’s about time I got some photography done, even if it is awful photography. A tripod sure would help. As would some proper lighting. I guess those will have to be goals for the future. Notoriously absent is the 1:72 Sopwith Camel. It’s not that I didn’t want to include it. It’s just that I need to make a minor touch-up before I take pictures of the silly thing. As such, it won’t happen until the middle of June. At the earliest. Until then, enjoy what I’ve got. I think it’s all I’m going to have for a little while. Probably.
Also, I’ve started posting some of them on model-related message boards. I’ll put the write-ups on them here–just so I’m still adding something "new" while I’m not modeling (much) for the next few weeks.

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