Final Heinrich Write-Up

I spent the entire weekend packing for the move (and playing a little "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories", as time allowed). In a way, it was just a little sad, as almost all of my models, as well as the majority of my hobby supplies have now been boxed up and set in a larger pile of boxes, waiting for their turn to be moved. But they’re moving on to bigger and better facilities, where they can breathe–as opposed to being stuck in the storage cabinet above the second bedroom’s closet. So it was both sad and exciting. Besides… I left a couple things out (as well as the paint), in case I have an itch that just needs to be scratched.
Last week, I posted a write-up on the Heinrich on that message board where I posted my Luna Pawn. It’s a great message board, totally dedicated to Maschinen Krieger–and definitely showcasing a global gathering of very impressive modeling skills–as well as my mediocre arse. At any rate, here’s what I posted on the Heinrich:
Heinrich Desert Scout
As I mentioned in my Luna Pawn thread, I finished a Heinrich a month or two ago, but didn’t have a chance to take decent pictures of it. I still haven’t taken decent pictures of it, but I do have some pictures of it. So that’s a start.

More pictures:

I did make several modifications to the kit. First off, I managed to lose one of the ankle guards, so I fashioned a new one out of styrene (tube and sheet). Second off–and completely unintentionally–I somehow managed to sand off the nubs on the back of the ankles where the curved pieces attach. So I didn’t bother to attach them–and I don’t think the kit suffers too much as a result. I also gave him a second full-blown panzerfaust. I constructed the tube/launcher from styrene pipe, strip, and small-diameter rod. The "mounting bracket" was just very short pieces of styrene pipe.

The base was sculpted from Celluclay and attached to a stained, round wooden piece. It was spray-painted with Tamiya "Light Sand". The road sign was made from balsa, and painted in a style similar to that of WWII-era German road signs. The locations ("Tokat" and "Karain") were pulled from a WWI-era Middle Eastern map, so I thought it was a good fit with the desert look. I don’t like the way the edges of the Celluclay pulled up from the wood, but I’ve figured out how to correct that in the future.

The cast-iron look was intentional, using a technique that bhop has documented. I’m really pleased with that aspect of it. The washes need some work, however. It’s something I’ve been practicing. In retrospect, I also would’ve given the figure a more green (and less gray) uniform. I actually wrote up a lot about the build, as I did it, in my blog/build-journal.


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