Luna Pawn: Final Report

Here’s the final entry on the Luna Pawn, originally posted to the Maschinen Krieger message board on May 1:
Put this one in the "completed" column–it’s game over, Johnny.
The base is finished, the Pawn is finished, and it’s all over and done with. Drilling holes in the base really did help with the celluclay. It doesn’t seem to have pulled up at all. And I was able to clean up any "mess" I made on the wood portion of the base by simply "painting" with india ink, using an old brush with short bristles.

Here’s some more pictures (via linkage):

·Without helmet

Painting the Celluclay gave me some grief. I tried mixing Tamiya Sky Grey with Testors Flat White and created oatmeal. So I mixed the Tamiya Sky Grey with a Tamiya non-flat white and couldn’t get the shine out of it for anything. More as an experiment than anything else, I tried brushing on a heavily thinned coat of Tamiya Flat Base. And the end-result is what you see here. It’s not perfect, but I can live with it. In fact, it doesn’t look too bad at all.

On April 28th, I entered it into the 2007 "West Central Missouri Chapter – IPMS ShowMe State Model Fest". Just for fun, I threw it in the "Out Of Box" category. It ended up being the only sci-fi entry in the category. And–to my great surprise–it ended up taking 2nd place for the category. I was beyond thrilled.

I’m actually really pleased with the results on this guy. A lot more than I thought I’d be. Especially the red-tinted visor. I’ve got some Tamiya "Clear Yellow" somewhere around here, so now I’ve got a real itch to do the new WAVE AFS up as a Halo Spartan (taking a slightly different apporach than maxwinamp). For now, my Luna Pawn has taking up a post on top of one of the many CD organizers on my desk at work. In the beginning (and even towards the middle), this kit didn’t strike me as "fun". Now, I like it and I’m looking forward to trying it (or an AFS) again.


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