M109A6 Paladin Howitzer Summary

It’s been a hectic week, trying to get everything packed for the move. I’ve probably already moved more than 95% of the models out of the house. And–believe me–that’s saying something. I’ve got a lot left to move, and not a whole lot of time to move it, but I’m getting there. My big concerns are for getting the motorcycle sold and the truck running. Those may be the biggest hurdles. Oh, and moving stuff like couches, beds, bookcases. Haven’t quite got a handle on that yet. As you might guess, I haven’t even touched a model in a few weeks–aside from affectionate glances towards some less-than-miserable completed works. Once I’m in the new house, though, I’ve got several project that should all fire up at once. Hopefully. Till then, enjoy another bit of "copypasta" from somewhere else.
On another message board, I recently (within the last month) posted my Howitzer. Here’s the summary:
How long has it been since I posted something I finished? It’s been awhile. So… Here’s something I finished a short time ago.

Here’s some more pictures:
Front View

This actually started out as a goof. It’s one of those 1:144 "Panzer Korps" AFV models from Dragon. I needed serious practice on my wash techniques and thought that this would be a quick and painless way to give that some work. And I was right (although I ended up re-painting it several times in an attempt to get it right). The only addition I made to the kit was the antennas–which were just heated/stretched sprues. Their placement was based on a "best guess" from photos I’ve seen. Pictured is either the second or third set of antenna, also. They fall off and disappear if someone sneezes within 20 feet of them.

The base is Celluclay and wood, with this Paladin being much of the inspiration. Yes, it’s over-washed all to hell, but it’s really kinda cute. The quarter is just in there for size reference.

So there you go… something a little different.


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