Alive & Kicking

I’m still around. Mostly. Scattered a bit, but still here. The move is nearly complete. I just need to go grab some of my modeling supplies (kits, tools, reference books, etc.) from a temporary "storage" site and then everything will be moved in to the new place. Of course, the new place doesn’t have anything like internet, and the idea of having everything unpacked is really more of a pipe-dream at this point. But I do have newer–and much larger–facilities to play with now. Once I get everything unpacked, I’ll get pictures posted. And then, of course, it’s back into the ever-growing backlog of kits.
I moved a bunch of the kits into the house last night, and–I’ve gotta tell you–it was like having a long-lost friend around again. Now I just need to assemble the metal shelving where they’re all going to be stored. Everything in its time and place. Regular updates will be starting up again–in the next week or two, at the latest.

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