Almost There…

Okay, so I’m a little behind schedule on getting updates up and running again. There’s a darned good reason for it, though. Actually, there’s several. But far be it from me to sit here and make excuses for myself. Wait a minute… That’s exactly what I do.
At any rate, the modeling "dungeon", as I’ve affectionately come to call it, is shaping up great. I’ve got a work desk nearly cleared–and lit. I’ve got the satellite-equipped television immediately to my right, with a love seat behind that. I’ve got my computer desk on the opposite wall, I’ve got another pair of work tables directly on my left, two bookshelves FULL of books, and a third one filling with models. And then I’ve got three sets of utility shelves stacked with kits and supplies. I love my little modeling dungeon.
Now if the doorways were only slightly taller than my head, I wouldn’t be nursing bruises and cursing carpenters.
As I was saying, the progress reports are overdue. There are none. I haven’t picked up a model to work on in well over a month at this point. So… I’m looking for something quick and (relatively) painless to get my hands dirty again. I think I’ve found it. I’ve got a pile of five of those "Heinrichs" laying around (thanks to an unexpected restock of this discontinued kit by an online vendor), so I think I’m going to try my hand at another one of those. I’m going to go for different approach with this one, though. I’m going to make it more in-line with the original kit it was based on: the PKA HO (pictured to the right). The differences are extremely subtle. Mostly, the manipulators ("hands"). The PKA HO has claws instead of proper hands. And nearly every picture I’ve seen has it grasping that panzerfaust in them. So… That’s probably what I’m going to tackle next (again).
EDIT: Think this guy, with different colors and a different head.
Hopefully, it’ll be a quick, easy project just to get me on my feet again. I’m not going crazy on it, keeping it nearly as simple as my Luna Pawn (but not quite). I think it’ll be fun, and I look forward to seeing how it goes. Of course, going under the "best laid plans" theory, my next blog update will probably be to say that I’ve abandoned the Heinrich before I’ve even started it, in favor of something else. Stay tuned to see.

One Response to Almost There…

  1. treelady says:

    Popped in at last…wow you have been busy and I see you moved?
    Hope you get settled soon and get things so you can have fun doing your kits.
    Know how it is to want to create and have so much stuff to do.

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