Hobby Room Is Shaping Up

Last night, while working on my current project, I managed to snap a picture of a portion of the "man cave" in the basement. In case you can’t tell, this is the storage area for my backlog of unbuilt kits. Right now, they number right around 150.
Starting on the left, we have 1:35 and 1:72 figures and accessories, armored vehicles, artillery, and then aircraft below those. The top shelf is just wooden display stands, and other odds & ends of supplies. Towards the middle, we have my Maschinen Krieger collection on the top, with various sci-fi models on the shelf below (EVA, Patlabor, Porco Rosso, Star Wars, and–mostly–Gundam). There some car kits two shelves below that, but I really haven’t had time to mess with any of those. There’s also some Votoms, Armored Core, Virtua On, and probably other things I’m forgetting. On the bottom shelf are some Gundam SD (that’s "Super Deformed"–giant head, tiny body) models, as well as a pirate ship, a submarine, and a very large Huey helicopter kit. And then the far right shelves are all Gundam–everything from 1:144 High Grade Universal Century clear up through 1:60 Perfect Grade models (those are the three huge boxes on the top shelf).  
So that’s the storage area. It’s something, isn’t it? And there’s always more kits on the way it seems like. Right now is no exception. There’s four kits on the way from HLJ, as well as some "fiddly bits" I won in a random drawing a week ago. And who knows what I’ll find at the local hobby store. In short, I’m set to run out of shelf space within the next year or so. Probably sooner. Somewhere down the line, I’ll try to get some more pictures posted. Like, of the work area or the multiple bookshelves or multiple desks down there. Thankfully, it’s a decent sized room and it’ll be a while yet before it feels crowded in there.
The scary thing is that I’ve seen kit collections–just locally–that make my collection look like nothing.

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