Doppleganger Errors

I found a better picture of the Doppleganger, and I see–now–that I’m way off with the way I’ve built this thing. My approach was to more-or-less mount the engine into the existing shape of the wing. I can see clearly now that this was not the way the Doppleganger was. Instead, there was a bridge connecting the fuselage to the engine and the wings were mounted on either side. In short, this thing is really screwed up if it’s supposed to be a Doppleganger.
Now, I’m faced with just a couple options. The first–and easiest–option is to continue onward with the build, finishing it on time–or possibly ahead of schedule/deadline. The second–much uglier–option has me re-doing the wings completely. I’ll call that the Really Crappy, But Correct Approach. It would require me to acquire another Testors Corsair, which will set me back another $5 or so. It will also require a lot of time and effort. I’ll have to detach the fuselage from the current wing setup, fix the rear wings, probably put together a new engine (fortunately, the B-25J has two engines), and a number of other steps.
Wait… I could just cut the engine-wing where it sits, use the wing pieces of the new Corsair just for building the new wing. That might work. It’s still going to be a ridiculous time-investment that I really don’t have to spare right now, but it is the correct way to build this. It would also be a thousand times easier than tearing up the whole fuselage on the plane. Okay… This still seems like a huge pain in the arse, but now it seems like it might be do-able. Next time I try something like this, I’m going to research it a lot better. Dammit.

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