Just “Plane” Crazy…

Despite barely working on the Corsair and Doppleganger at all on Saturday (spent five hours in Kansas City for a wedding reception), I still managed to get a lot done over the weekend. On the Corsair, I finished the propeller, and ran the antennas (which are just heated and stretched sprue). It may not sound like much, but it really is. Today, I’m going to hit it with another gloss coat and then (hopefully) get the markings applied to it. After that, hit it with a flat lacquer, attached the canopy, and it’s done.
The Doppleganger was, of course, more complicated. It is getting a lot done on it and should be finished before Saturday. I managed to finish work on adding the B-25J engine to the wing, and sculpting (as best I could) it into the wing so it looks like it belongs there and wasn’t just tacked on. The entire thing has now been painted, as well. And the color choice of "British Crimson" looks fantastic. I’ll have to come up with an excuse to use that color again.
At this point, I need to hit the Doppleganger with the gloss overcoat (although I may correct some sloppy paint work on the propeller first), and start the wash on it. Hopefully, it will go more smoothly than it went on the regular Corsair–which I can only describe as a nightmare. The wood base you see the Doppleganger sitting on needs to be stained (also, hopefully tonight), and the pilot has been painted. As nice as it would be to have some sort of "Crimson Skies" plaque on the base, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Definitely not by Saturday, but maybe I can do something about it in the more distant future. I don’t know. I’ll see what I can come up with. As for markings… Those will consist of a couple specific things I have in mind, plus whatever I can creatively use from the "leftovers" bin. At this point, I’m pleased with the results, but I haven’t started the washes yet.

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