No Sleep Till… Whenever

So I’ve been staying up till 1:00 a.m. every morning for the last week or so working on these stupid airplanes.  It’s getting old. I’m going to try to take tomorrow off work, just to get them finished up. Is that a bad sign or what?
I didn’t get much done on the Doppelganger (yes, that’s the proper spelling) last night. All I manage to accomplish was applying Milliput to the gaps in the new wing where it joins with the engine and finish up(?) the pilot.
I did a little better with the Corsair, but it was a "two steps forward, two steps back" kind of evening. First, I had to reattach the landing gear that just opted to fall off the night before. Then I reattached the other landing gear–which also fell off, as soon as I had reattached the first one. After that, I managed to get a good bunch of the decals applied. There’s more to go, of course. And then I lost one of the landing gear bay doors. It fell on the floor and then disappeared. I think, perhaps, my dog ate it. That’s the only explanation that works. Eventually, I gave up and raided the "spares" box for a replacement and got that painted up. And then it was more decals. And then, it was 1:00 a.m. At least you can tell which side that Corsair is flying for now.
Both planes are moving forward, but oh-so-slowly. And my sleep deprivation is probably contributing to mistakes and dropping parts.  The end is less than four days away. Am I going to make it to the finish line with two completed planes? I honestly don’t know yet… But I’m hopeful.

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