Supergun In The Palm Of Your Hand

I know… I still need to finish writing up the Corsair. And I’ll get to it, but I just wanted to throw this one out there quick.  After the airplanes (and before I managed to drop two new projects into my own lap), I decided I wanted to something quick and easy. Well, the Dragon 1:144 "Mörser Odin" came to my rescue.
There’s not a lot of parts to this kit, but the parts it does have are tiny and detailed–if somewhat monochromatic. The whole thing is molded in a very light gray. Assembly was straightforward. The fun part was doing the washes on it. As I think I’ve commented before, I stink at washes. I’m awful. I end up wiping away more paint than I leave. Fortunately, with this one, the washes were relatively easy. I just thin out some black paint, and hit the entire piece with it. It doesn’t look perfect, but it looks pretty darned good. After that, I drybrushed it with Tamiya "Flat Aluminum" acrylic.
Next, I need to finish up the (teeny-tiny) artillery crew, hit the whole thing with a flat lacquer, mount it on a wooden base which I’ve already stained… And then I’m pretty-well done. The whole thing should be completed within one week of when I started it. And it’s been a pretty casual build, too. But it really does look nice. A cute little display piece. This afternoon, I’m actually going to go see how much it would cost to have a little brass plaque made for it–so people know what the heck it is.
Anyways… That’s it. Quick, fun build. I’ll post finished pictures in a day or three.

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