Nutrocker Updated(?)

I know… I still need to do the final write-up on two builds (the Odin & the F4U-1D Corsair). I’m still waiting on a final part for the display base of the Odin, and I still need to take better pictures of everything. So… It may be awhile. In the interim, I’ve gone back to a project I started months ago (April?) and never finished. Well… It’s still not finished, but it’s a lot closer than it has been.
It’s the Maschinen Krieger 1:76 "Nutrocker". This build has had its ups and its downs. Now that I’m a little further along–and a little (just a little) more experienced with washes, it’s starting to shape up nicely. In previous build write-ups, I’d mentioned difficulty with getting the colors to lay down right. It’s a shortcoming of trying to hand-paint a camo pattern, I suppose.
So to put down exactly what progress I’ve made, first there was the washes applied to the main body of the tank. I used way too much black, but the result really gave it some wear-and-tear that seems to be a trademark of the Ma.K. universe. The other portion of progress was assembly and painting of the turrent. Fairly straightforward. There were some weird gaps that needed filling ("weird", due to the way in which the turret is assembled), and a couple other minor things. The hollow(?) antenna dish frame was a piece of brass, which I just bent around the handle of an Xacto knife to give it a curve. And the spotlight lense was painted in Tamiya "Clear Red".
All in all, I’m pleased with the way it’s shaping up. I may re-do the "whip" antenna pieces, as they’re not very well aligned with one another. Outside of that, I think I’m just about ready to apply decals. Oh, and the bottom of it is unfinished. And I may leave it that way. I’m not satisfied with the results I’m getting, and there’s no reason that the bottom needs to be visible anyways. I’m still up in the air about how much of a diorama I’m going to make out of this, but at the very least–with those colors–I need to give it a very urban feel for the base.

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