“Team Zeonic” Racer

I’ve made a little more progress on my Wipeout racer, but it is (temporarily) on hold. At this point, my goal is to get it done by March of 2008–and that may be pushing it. For the sake of argument (and for lack of pictures on the other thing I’m working on), I’ll go ahead and fill in progress on the Wipeout racer…
Although I’m modeling this after the Icaras racer from "Wipeout Pure", it won’t be flying Icaras colors. Instead, I’m going to attempt to use various parts from Bandai Gundam kits for the "mechanical" aspects of the build. As such, this racer will be fielded by the Zeonic Company–the fictional manufacturers of the well-known "Zaku" mono-eye combat mech. As such, the colors will be green, with yellow and/or gray highlights. All I have built so far–and nowhere close to finished–is the nose section.

The front of the nose is two wings from a Revell snap-together 1:72 F-14 Tomcat kit (bought especially for this project). The back part is actually the rudders from the same kit. Both pieces have been trimmed to some degree to make them work with the build. The top panel was just a piece of sheet styrene, cut to fit. The little dot there is a brass piece from a 1:72 tank. I’ve also added a piece of .010 styrene to it, just to give it a slight bit of raised detail.

And here we have the bottom:

The "base" of the underside is another piece of styrene. Attached to that (for starters) are leftover parts from a MG RGM-79, a tank wheel, and a tank grill… And a little more of that .010 styrene. This is just the start. It needs more work before I’ll call it "good". I’ll add some hoses and other bits and pieces, just to make it look complicated. I’m not going to go crazy on the underside, but I want it to look decent at a glance.

For the rear of the ship, I’ll be using parts from a 1:72 Hasegawa Harrier. That will provide me with the cockpit and rear wings. I’ll also be using some parts from a 1:72 F-16 and a MG Zaku II as well. I would have put the pictures in-line with the text, but MSN must have updated their "Spaces" again, as it isn’t working worth a damn. What a rarity!

As mentioned earlier, this project is on temporary hold. The HobbyTown USA Fall National Model Contest is taking place in just over one week from today, so I thought it’d be good to have something recently completed to put in there. As such, I’m working quickly to put some sort of display together for my Nutrocker. It’s not quite done, but it’s close. Close enough where I should be able to finish it within that time. Pictures will follow shortly. Or within a week or two. Whatever. 

2 Responses to “Team Zeonic” Racer

  1. baphomet44 says:

    Did this ever get finished? When do we get to see more of it? I think i saw this one started elsewhere as well (maybe mig or fichtenfoo forums?) I love the games and am dying to see how this works out …

    I need closure dammit! =)

    • zerobxu says:

      I never did finish this one, but I hopefully will at some point. It’s just sitting on the shelf waiting for me to get back to it. When I start up on it again, I’ll post it here. Thanks for your interest!

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