Nutrocker Wrapping Up

Well, I’m getting close to finished on something I started clear back in April–believe it or not. With that HobbyTown USA Fall National Model Contest this Saturday, I wanted to get something "new" done. So… In the picture below, you’ll see the nearly complete Nutrocker display. Or, I suppose you could call it complete. It’s going to be the Nutrocker, on the pictured base, with three soliders (Italeri 1:72 Russian infantry in winter uniform–here’s a better picture). I’m still impressed with the nice facial detail that comes out on those guys after a simple wash. Once I’ve got that comfortably finished–possibly tonight–I’ll work on a couple enhancements. Namely, I’m trying to scratch-build a 1:72 Heinrich (like the big 1:20 dark yellow one there) to add to the display, as well. We’ll see how that works out.
For the base of the Nutrocker, I just stained the wood, drilled holes in it, mixed up some Celluclay and stuck that on, and then added some fine scale railroading talus from "Woodland Scenics". Oh, and a few blades of grass from the same company. I have four 3/16" plastic rods passing through the Celluclay and into the wood to support the Nutrocker, and give it the appearance of hovering inches above the ground. I still need to glue down the soliders (or pin them down), but it’s done, other than that.
For the 1:72nd Heinrich, I’ve just been using styrene tubes, strips, rods, angles, and whatever else may work. I’ll be using Milliput for the joints. I’ve also already hacked up another 1:72 soldier to use as the pilot. And if the finished product looks good enough, he’ll be proudly added to the display.
I used to be able to put pictures right in line with the text, but apparently there’s been some sort of update which pretty-well wrecks all of that. I’ve tried it from two computers, and no luck. Thanks, Microsoft!

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