Mini-Heinrich Madness!

Still trying to finish up the Nutrocker display for the contest on Saturday (and still assuming they’re going to add a sci-fi category). I’ve got the main display itself virtually done. I need to touch up a couple spots on the wooden base where Celluclay was smeared, but I could turn around and call it "done" right now, if I had to. Fortunately, I have a little bit of extra time, so I’m working on enhancing it now. And that brings me to my mini-Heinrich. For the most part, he’s looking pretty good. Here’s a progress shot:
Unfortunately, the legs are too long. He just looks too tall, when I stick him on the display base. As such, I need to go back in, shorten the legs, and continue on from there. If you ask me, right now he looks like a really screwed up version of "Buzz Lightyear". Hey–I’m making this from scratch–cut me some slack. The whole thing is being fabricated from styrene, with the exception of the feet. Those came from the parts bin (Zaku panels). The joints are Milliput two-part epoxy, which is now completely hardened. So that’s where he’s at. More progress to follow. Probably.

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