Nutrocker Completed!

Well, this will be the final write-up on the Nutrocker until I get some decent pictures taken of it–which could be a ways off yet. I finished the Heinrich and painted him up nicely in dark gray. If you hit the "Nutrocker" photo album, you can see some farely decent pictures. In the end, I used styrene, Milliput, fake fingernails, part of a 1:72 figure, a pair of 1:35 hands, a 1:72 T-34 tank exhuast, and some wire to make my mini-Heinrich a reality. And I think the results are good enough where I like him. Of course, the results aren’t so good that I wouldn’t improve several areas were I to try this again.
So the Nutrocker made it to the HobbyTown show, along with six other models. And, considering I entered a total of seven pieces, getting six ribbons isn’t a bad deal. Two first-place entries, two second-place, and two in third. Surprisingly–to me–the Corsair didn’t place at all. I thought it was better than that. Oh well. Maybe I’ll have better luck at the upcoming IPMS contest on the 27th–should I decide to go.
Anyways… Here’s a picture of the finished Nutrocker display:
Who knows what I’m going to do next. I sure don’t.

One Response to Nutrocker Completed!

  1. Kchusker says:

    That is pretty cool.  If I don\’t see "live" at Oktoberfest then maybe at Omacon 2008.

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