Upcoming Build

On the heels of my Doppelganger comes a group build-off with several friends from FichtenFoo Forums. The goal? Take some aircraft kit (or "kits") and make "Propeller Pirates" out of them, a la "Crimson Skies". I’ve been quietly working on accumulating "donor kits" for this project, not really sure where I’m going with it, or when I’m going to start. So far, these three are the most likely candidates for the build:
I sure miss being able to embed photos with the text… Anyways, we have a Poplikarpov I-16 (similar to the other one I built, but from Hasegawa), a Curtiss SOC-3 Seagull, and an Antonov AN-2 "Colt". All in 1:72 scale. Of these three, my favorite is still the I-16, but the Colt is the most likely candidate for the build. Its real world counterpart is a very interesting plane. As I understand things, it began production in 1947 and is still being manufactured in China today. Because it’s a bi-plane, it has a ridiculous amount of lift–to the point where controlled flight can be performed at an air speed of 30 mph. But enough about real-world applications…
For the Doppelganger, I sacrificed an engine and part of a wing from a 1:72 B-25J. My goal is to take the armaments of that same plane and apply them to the Colt. Of course, that’s almost too easy, and no one likes an easy project. So I may have to convert this to a water-landing craft or make some other outrageous modification, in order to make things more interesting (challenging).
At any rate, I’ve got some donor kits available to start this one off.

2 Responses to Upcoming Build

  1. Kchusker says:

    Have you tried using LiveWriter for journal entries?  You can kinda add pics within text.

  2. B. says:

    It was working fine before. I think some update they did to Spaces ripped up the photo alignment tools. Hopefully, it\’s only temporary. Knowing the way they tend to wreck this thing, I\’m not too optimistic.

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