Finished: AFS Mk.II

I bet you didn’t even know I’d started! That’s because these Wave kits are such a breeze compared to the old Nitto kits. So yeah… I did an AFS Mk.II. Yes, he looks remarkably similar to the Luna Pawn I did awhile back, but there are some differences. Those would be the gun, the helmet and visor, the "backpack" and the exhaust. Okay… The differences aren’t that great.
My inspiration for this guy was the good ol’ Master Chief, from the "Halo" trilogy of games. That’s why he’s got a yellow tinted visor, and you’ll find the number 117 a few different places on his armor (any Halo fan knows that Master Chief was designated "Spartan 117"). It’s also why I chose the Roman archer markings for the shoulder armor ("Spartan", remember?). The only modification I made to this kit was the addition of two wires on the gun arm. This more closely matches the original sketches of the thing (as I understand it). I had originally used a mixture of gold and clear yellow on the helmet visor, but I didn’t like the metallic flake on the visor, so I removed it and just went with clear yellow with just a little bit of smoke.
And the right set of brushes make all the difference in the world. I recently used a coupon to acquire several new fine-point brushes, and they’ve paid off when it came time to paint this guy’s face. Normally, I have a lot of trouble with the eyes, but this guy was relatively easy. I did have to re-do his left eye, but that’s only because my hand had a last-second shake when I tried to do his pupil. No big deal. And that’s why the picture on this entry has him without the helmet: I’m damned proud of that face. It’s not great, but it’s the best one I’ve done. Besides, his face actually looks better when you’re not looking through the visor. For more pictures, go to the photo album entitled "Maschinen Krieger" on my li’l Space here.
The base was just stained wood, Celluclay, and a little bit of Woodland Scenics grass. It’s the same type of round wooden base I used on the Luna Pawn. And, in order to maintain better consistency, I actually made a new round wooden base for my Heinrich at the same time. Besides, you always make more Celluclay than you need. Might as well put some of it to use.
Now that he’s finished, he’ll be travelling with me to Kansas City on Saturday for the "Oktoberfest" model contest, along with my Doppelganger, Corsair, and a couple other choice entries. Wish me luck!

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