“Oktoberfest” in Kansas City

This last weekend was the "Oktoberfest" for the West Central Missouri IPMS Chapter, and they had a great turn-out. Using the same facilities as their contest eariler this year, it was kind-of isolated (you had to drive ten minutes in any direction for any sort of services–food, gas, etc.).
The folks from the club were as friendly and helpful, as always, and it was definitely a day well-spent. Worth spending over seven hours in the car on Saturday for, even. To top it all off, they had a seminar on resin-casting, which I’m hoping to make use of very soon (O’, I have plans…).
The way they handle categories frustrated me a little bit–again–but I can’t complain about the results. They threw anything in 1:72 scale with propellers into the same category (as opposed to single engine and multi-engine categories). As a result (and picutred there to the right), competition was a little bit crowded there. They also didn’t want to keep my friend Matt’s Fokker Dr.I tri-plane in a WWI category, so they threw it in the Miscellaneous Aircraft category where he was the sole airplane, amongst a sizeable collection of helicopters. As a result, his beautiful airplane was robbed of a win it definitely deserved.
Ultimately, I had five entries in four different categories:
  • My F4U-1D Corsair – This one ended up in the ultra-crowded plane category. And–amazingly–it ended up in 2nd place! I couldn’t believe it. I think it’s a solid build, but very weak on the paint/finish. Matt even won 1st in the category. I would’ve been thrilled with an "honorable mention", but to take 2nd? Wow. Talk about some serious validation.
  • The Doppelganger – I threw this one into "sci-fi", but I think it would’ve been a better fit with the general "Miscellaneous" category. Even though it drew lots of attention on the table, it ended up not placing. I’m not sure if this was due to the "no sweeps" rule or it just wasn’t as good. I’m willing to assume the second one, as I’ve been told that it’s not my best build–even though it’s one of my favorites.
  • The Nutrocker piece – Also in the sci-fi category. I think it was the only non-spaceship (or in the case of the Doppelganger, "non-flying") entry. Surprisingly, there were no mechs. Especially since the show earlier this year had a smattering of them. I’m sure there will be some at the next show. Hopefully some of them will be by me.
  • My AFS Mk.II – Since I already had two entries in sci-fi and a "no sweeps" rule in full effect, I took a chance and put this guy in with fantasy/sci-fi figures. And it paid off. There were a total of five entries in the category. And my guy took home 2nd place! I was hoping for 3rd, but 2nd is even better.
  • The 60cm Mörser Odin – My teeny-tiny piece of artillery was against some very nice (and all of them much larger) entries in the artillery category but still garnered a 3rd place win.
So… It was a good day in Missouri. Five entries in four categories and four wins. I wonder if an airbrush would give me that little extra push I need to turn a 2nd place into a 1st place. Something to weigh out for the future, but I’m in no hurry.
I also snagged some great buys from vendors. Mostly I bought non-military vehicles for diorama fodder, but I also picked up one very ugly Russian helicopter and a pair of 1:144 (tiny!) UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. I hope to start something on those very shortly. Not only that, but I won three kits in the raffle drawings. So yeah… I came home with nine new kits and a Tamiya "modeling make-up" marker. Fun shall ensue.

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