“This is ‘Geech’ reporting in, SIR!”

Tuesday night, I was still screwing around with resin bits, and shot a better picture of the guy from the last blog entry. I even came up with a name for him: Geech. He looks like a "Geech", doesn’t he? At any rate, this guy was actually my first attempt with that particular mold. And it seems like the resin paints easier than the plastic. Paint just seems to stick better (no, I didn’t prime him first–I was just practicing after all).
Again, this is an aftermarket 1:20 scale pilot "bust", specifically designed to be incorporated into Maschinen Krieger kits. And I am just in awe of how much better this guy looks than the pilots that come with the kits. I’m still having a problem getting consistently good casts (with no air bubbles in place of a nose), but I’m achieving some fairly decent results. No cast has come out 100% perfect, but a good number of them have come out "good". Or good enough for practice painting. And I’ve been able to pair up a couple good torso casts with a couple good head casts.
At any rate, the main point of this entry was to get a better picture of Geech posted. Mission accomplished. I probably won’t have another entry till the end of next week, but–if things go as planned–I’ll have a completed build to post then. Happy Thanksgiving.

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