Wrapping Up “Geech”

I’m currently working on two different modeling projects while putting the final touches on another: Geech. He’s shaped up nicely. Just about done, even. Monday night, I applied some wood stain ("natural" wood color–what’s the point?) and mixed up a small batch of Celluclay to form the "ground" of the display base. As you can see in the picture, the round wood piece is the same kind I’ve used on all but one of my Maschinen Krieger pieces (that’s including the other Heinrich I retro-fitted to one of those bases).
It takes four days, on average, for the Celluclay to dry. After about three days, it should be dry enough to paint. The problem with Celluclay is that it shrinks as it dries. As a result, it can "pull up" away from the wood around the edges–leaving a very noticeable gap. Fortunately, there is a solution: Drill holes in the top of the base before applying the Celluclay. For a base this size, I usually drill one hole in the center and about five equidistant holes towards the outside of the top. It doesn’t have to be precise. The holes are about 3/8" diameter; and are about a half-inch deep. Thus, the Celluclay has something to "bite" into as it dries. The result is no visible problem with shrinkage. I wish I could say that I came up with that idea on my own, after years of experience. The truth of the matter is that I was commenting on the problem in a message board and someone else suggested it.
And once it all dries out, I’ll just super-glue Geech to the base. And that’ll be the end of that.
To finish him up, I need to clean some of the things I rushed when I built him up originally. Specifically, the washes I put on certain parts were too heavy. And in other areas, the washes were probably too light. There’s also some spots that need fixing–like his "exhaust pipe" on his back. It’s not quite looking the way I want it to. Once that’s taken care of and he’s attached to the base, he’s done. And I can move on to my next fun li’l Maschinen Krieger project (one that will only involve a few actually kit pieces, and some resin recasts–and lots of scratchbuilding).
Saturday is the local club meeting. It’s the December holiday meeting, which means a model kit gift exchange, as well as the end of year intra-club contest. Anything built during the last year is fair game–and we’re supposed to bring the Corsairs we built for the club contest this year. We’re also supposed to bring the kit we received last year. Unfortunately, I received a 1:48 Tamiya Tiger I which I haven’t even started. I suppose I could try to crank out a 1:144 Tiger, but it really wouldn’t be the same. Like I said, anything we’ve built within the last year is acceptable to bring. So… Geech will be making his debut there. Wish him luck.

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