Li’l Focker

No… I didn’t type that wrong. It really is a li’l Focker. Specifically, it’s a 1:144 (ultra-tiny) Focke-Wulf 190F-8 (a German WWII aircraft of considerable distinction). The kit is made by Eduard, which is a Czech company that probably makes some of the finest airplane kits around. Even so, they specialize in larger scale kits. Nothing this tiny. I mean, the whole kit is made of around seventeen pieces–but they’re all very nicely detailed. However, there’s no cockpit detail. I decided that I couldn’t live with that, so I added the top of an instrument console and the top of the pilot’s seat. If nothing else, they set it apart from a "stock" Focke-Wulf 190 in that scale.
So I thought this would be a fun li’l one-night project. Put it together, paint it, and call it "done". Things never ever work out that way. I started it on Tuesday evening, started gluing pieces together, did a little bit of sanding work, added my little cockpit pieces from styrene, and then proceeded to drop one of the wheels on the floor. One of the 1:144 scale wheels. Gray. On the gray floor. Let me phrase that a different way: A wheel that’s one hundred and forty four times smaller than its real-world counterpart and colored to match my floor was dropped… On my floor. And then I spent the next hour or two looking for it. I tried moving my modeling bench–to see if it had rolled underneath one of the support legs–thereby knocking lots of stuff over and frustrating myself to no end. The damn thing never did turn up. In the end, I looked through a half-dozen other kits, found some wheels that were close to that same size, and threw them in the box o’ Focke-Wulf parts.
At that point, it was nearly 11:00 p.m. and I called it a night. At the point your hobby stops being fun, you need to hang it up for the night. No questions. No pondering. No puttering. Go to bed so you can make a better go of it the next day.

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