A Pile of Plastic

Well, I can’t really say I’m making progress on any particular project right now. At last count, I’ve dabbled in four different builds during the last week. There’s the Junkers 88 bomber that’s been slowly building up. There’s a Maschinen Krieger build that I’ve been messing with. There’s the tiny Focke-Wulf 190–which is on hold till I (hopefully) turn up that wheel that fell on the floor or come up with a good "Plan B". And then there’s my super-cheap 1:72 Academy-brand F4F Wildcat. Right now, the Wildcat is in the lead to get finished first, so I’ll talk about it briefly.
I picked up the Wildcat probably well over a year ago. It was a $5.00 kit, and looked like it might be interesting. I got home, tore off the shrinkwrap, and found that it was interesting. The interesting part is the fundamental lack of cockpit detail. It’s not as bad as the Testors F4U-1 Corsair, but it’s not great. The cockpit consisted of a seat, a flight stick and a very under-detailed pilot. Since this was more of a painting exercise than anything else, the only change I made was cutting a styrene pipe in half to form the top of the instrument panel. That’s it. Beyond that, I’ll just take what the kit gives me and work with it.
And work with it I have. The fuselage is together, the cockpit is mounted, the rear wings are on, and the engine (what there is of it) is in. I need to straighten out the seams on the wings before I mount those. I also need to figure out exactly how to assemble it with the landing gear up. The instructions are short, sweet, and to the point–and don’t exactly make that part clear. The good news is that it comes with its own little display stand–which was the reason I’m planning on doing it with the wheels up. When I’m done, it should make a cute li’l display piece, but it won’t be going in any contest. Regardless, I’ll do the best with what I have and see what comes out of it.

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