From Helicopter To Heinrich

I’ve started a new Maschinen Krieger build, and it’s probably going to be my most challenging build to date. The plan is to take the body of a 1:48 scale Hughes 500 helicopter and turn it into something of an experimental Heinrich, using scratch-built, re-cast, and leftover parts. So far, so good. I had to assemble seven parts of the helicopter to get it to the point where it’s pictured to the right. From there, I simply took a saw to it and cut it in half. After that, I spent a fair amount of time sanding off raised details on the severed part. Next, I’ll need to fill in those details with putty and re-sand them.
After that, the real fun begins. I have some rough ideas on how to do some parts. I also have a paint scheme in mind. I recently came across a pair of new pilot heads and ordered them, but I’m not going to reveal anything more about that right now. Needless to say, I’ll be setting them up so I can recast them (for personal use only) and they’ll probably show up on several future builds. More about that at a later time.
The Hughes 500 helicopter "body" is how the original Heinrich was made. And Heinrichs are getting hard to come by, with no more retail source for the original kits anymore. At the rate Wave is going, their re-tooled Heinrich probably won’t be out for another three years. So I’m going to try to build this one in a similar manner to  how Kow Yokoyama made the first Heinrich. My parts are going to come from styrene, ping pong balls, plastic fingernails, resin, and lots more.
Like I said, this represents a fairly decent challenge. I’ve started several full scratch-build projects but never finished one. Even the Doppelganger was more of just lining up existing kit pieces than fabricating something entirely new. This one’s going to be a different beast altogether. Fortunately, I don’t think it’s going to be quite as daunting as a few other things I’ve attempted to tackle–and remain unfinished at this point.
And hopefully I can figure this out fairly decently–I’ve already ordered another 1:48 Hughes helicopter! Wish me luck.

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