Something Fun, Something Different

Yesterday, I started a little something different–and nearly finished it. It was a "Chaos Space Marine Biker" from the "Warhammer 40,000" miniature gaming series. For the uninitiated, Warhammer 40K is a game where you build up your army of miniatures and battle it out with other people and their armies either in the privacy of someone’s home, or someplace else like a gaming shop. There is just such a gaming shop about four block from my house, and that’s where I snagged this little guy. I have no interest in building an army or learning that game, I just wanted to work on something quick and easy–and different. And this guy definitely qualifies.
Construction is straightforward. There’s only about two dozen unpainted soft plastic pieces here. It doesn’t even come with a real set of instructions. Just a very small exploded diagram on the back of the box. There’s seams that need to be addressed on the tires and on the body of the bike and–if you care to–on the torso of the biker. Outside of that, it’s a really straightforward build. And I didn’t have any issues. At least, not yet. And–at this point–there’s only one part left to paint, and then clearcoats, weathering, and some sort of base.
Painting was about as straightforward as the construction stage. Not that you can tell from the finished product, but I actually used five different metallic colors throughout the thing. All of them were Tamiya acrylics except the gold. The gold came from a paint marker, because I can’t find a hand-brush gold that turns out that good. And then there was Gloss Black, Flat Black, and the tires. The tires were a mix of Tamiya "Green Black" (or was it "Black Green"?) and Flat Black. I read in an article somewhere that tires aren’t truly black, and I agree with it–after painting. It looks much better that way. The only other note of interest for the painting were his eyes. I used a trick that I just applied to the 1:72 Wildcat I’m working on (which is just about done–the in-progress picture looked crappy, so I posted this entry instead of something about that). What I did was I painted his eyes in Chrome Silver and then, after that had dried, I applied Clear Red to it. The effect is much brighter than I achieved (on the first try) with just a gloss red. Aside from that, his mask got painted in Gloss Black, with  some Gun Metal highlights, while his outift was Flat Black, with Chrome Silver and Metallic Grey highlights. The bike was Gloss Black–I thought it should be shinier than most of his outfit. There were also many highlights of gold on the bike, and a lot of Chrome Silver, as well. The engine area also had Flat Aluminum and Metallic Grey. In the end, it’s a cute little biker from Hell.
He should be finished in a day or two, I’ll get some finished pictures posted. Hopefully.

2 Responses to Something Fun, Something Different

  1. Kchusker says:

    That is pretty cool – I love the Space Marine figures from Warhammer 40K.  They also have neat models – Imperial Guard tanks or Eldar Hover tanks. 

  2. B. says:

    Yeah, but they\’re all so ridiculously pricey! I picked up another motorcycle set (going to make one for my boss–a biker), but I think I\’ll attempt to snag them off eBay in the future. PRICEY!

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