One Down, One To Go

So I finished up that first bike. And my boss at work (a Harley owner) loved it so much that I decided to see if I could finish a second one by Friday so I could present it to her as a Christmas gift. Pictured to the right are both bikes as they were last night: One complete, the other one in-progress.
In finishing the first bike, I actually ended up using a magnifying glass to put a speck of silver (chrome) paint on rivets on his backpack. I used the included stand, but modified it. First, there’s two gaping holes in it. I put styrene underneath these. I then applied (sloppily) putty to the top of the stand, and tried to spread it out, as one would spread butter on toast. I opted for putty instead of Celluclay mostly for the drying time (30 minutes, as opposed to 3 days). Once it had dried, I sanded it out so it was roughly a uniform height across the top. From there, I painted the whole thing medium gray and gave it some flat black washes. Viola! A very nice cracked asphalt appearance. Just to enhance that effect, I painted a yellow stripe down the whole thing. And then I glued the bike on. That was it.
For the next bike, I’m trying to take what I’ve learned from the first bike and apply it. First off, I didn’t like the way the "Chrome Silver" looked very un-chrome like. So… For the exhaust pipes and trim on this second bike, I used a Testors enamel silver paint marker. The results were amazingly smooth. I know, I know… using paint markers. Well, I love hand-painting as much as the next guy (probably more), but you just can’t achieve that uniform smoothness with any brushed-on paint I’ve seen. On the other hand, the silver paint marker does a beautiful job. It just takes hours longer to dry. Whereas the first bike was mainly gold and black, this second one will be black and "chrome". And the rider will be wearing a predominantly orange suit–thus giving the whole thing a very nice set of Harley colors. The down-side being that the chrome highlights had to be the last thing I worked on last night, as I had to give them the overnight (plus most of today) to properly cure before attempting to handle it again.
For the base, I’m using a piece of craft wood. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I suspect I’ll stain it and either apply putty and railroad talus or repeat the asphalt effect of the previous build. Either way, tomorrow is the last work-day before Christmas, so this bike (and display stand) will be finished tonight.

2 Responses to One Down, One To Go

  1. Kambria says:

    Hey there stranger 😀 Look I\’m not dead lol hope all is well your end of the net!

  2. B. says:

    Wow! Long time, no speak! Glad to hear you\’re still amongst the living! I hope all\’s well with you and yours, as well.

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