Well, I finished that motorcycle at about 2:00 a.m.  last Friday morning, and I don’t think I took any photos of it after that. The boss loved it, though. I couldn’t have hoped for a better response.
Other projects I’d been working on have been tossed. I threw the Wildcat in the garbage… Didn’t like the way it was going, and it was only a $5 kit. I wasn’t going to be happy with the results, so rather than continue on and probably put it away half-built, I just threw it away. That’s where it would’ve ended up eventually. I just saved some time. The 1:144 Focke Wulf… I think that wheel is gone forever, so I need to come up with another plan for that. It may end up in the bin, too.

The Christmas holiday went very well. I received many gifts that I didn’t deserve, and ate enough food where I probably should look at buying some bigger pants. And, even though I haven’t worked on much of anything in over a week, I’ve spent several hours just puttering around the workbench–watching television, and not doing much of anything. Amongst the many wonderful Christmas gifts I received, there was a healthy gift certificate for a local hobby store ("LHS", as is the preferred acronym) from my wonderful girlfriend’s father. Without going into personal details on my model-building blog, let me just say that I’m in deep apprecation of how much I’ve become part of her family.
And that goes straight into one of my future projects: Her father was a door gunner in Vietnam for the 335th Assault Helicopter Company ("AHC"–your second acronym of the day). He loved his Huey helicopter, and has several replicas, paintings, and pictures decorating his basement. I’ve been wanting to build a replica of his particular helicopter for quite a while now, and all of the parts are slowly coming together for just exactly that. There were over half a dozen different types of Huey models built over the years, and at least four of which saw a lot of action in Vietnam. His particular Huey was the UH-1D variant (often referred to as the "Huey Delta"). At this point, I’ve acquired a 1:72 UH-1D model, an aftermarket Vietnam-era resin helicopter crew–including gunner (which I’m hoping to be able to make a mold of), and lined up Phil to re-create the nose-art of his particular Huey. In short, it’s all coming together, and I need to get going on it here very shortly. I’ve also found, bookmarked, saved, and read a ridiculous amount of reference material–which has been invaluable. 

What’s still up in the air is the 50 caliber machine gun used by the door gunner. Even though I’ve actually acquired three different 1:72 Huey variants, I have yet to find one with the door gun. I’m planning on picking up two additional Huey models that appear to have the door gun, but I’m also beginning to look at other options. The first option is to pull the 50 cal. gun off some other sort of kit (like a tank, for example) and scratch-build the helicopter mount. The other option is to scratch-build the entire thing. At that scale, it shouldn’t be overly difficult, but it’s not a prospect I embrace–I’d rather see something a little more accurate than what I can put together. But time will tell. Besides, the kit will require other modifications. Namely, the smaller front "doors" on the cargo area need to come out–and they were molded directly into the hull. No idea why–I think every helicopter removed them–but that’ll require some minor (hopefully simple) surgery.

Regardless, there’s the details on one of my projects soon to be realized: A UH-1D Huey to be presented, with gratitude, to a Vietnam Veteran who I’ve come admire and respect.

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