SLOW Progress

Well, I am working on a couple things, not including my near-constant Huey research. Most notably (at this point) is the Mashinen Krieger Fireball that I’ve probably been working on for a couple months now. It’s not really taking shape at any great speed, but I am actually making some progress that shows that I’ve been doing more than just staring at it.
The torso is shaping up. I put it together, and it was a pain. The shoulder assembly is somewhat bizarre. There’ the shoulder "peg" that goes into the torso, then an armored piece, then the torso piece itself, and then it gets interesting. On the other side of the torso piece, there’s a short (but not quite short enough) spring, held in place by a C-shaped piece of plastic (a sort-of clamp). The slot in the shoulder piece for the shoulder peg is not a circle, but an elongated hole. So, with all of the extra pieces, it allows some limited up and down movement of the arm, while still keeping enough tension on it to keep it from automatically just sliding down. There has to be a better way to have done that…
Once I got the arms in their respective torso sides, I assembled the torso itself. This was, of course, followed by putty for the seam lines and sanding. Then I painted most of the torso exterior in a very light gray. Once it was dry, I painted it in white. White is notoriously difficult to hand-brush, and this was no exception. It came out somewhat splotchy and I think it actually removed the gray paint in some places instead of layind down the white over it. This resulted in multiple thin, splotchy coats of white paint. Not quite ideal. Of course, all (or "most") Maschinen Krieger builds all lean towards the "dirty future" look, so I think I’ve achieved that with the hand-brushed white-over-gray approach. We’ll see as the assembly gets further along.
In addition to the torso, I’ve started assembling some other pieces so that I’m not just assembling everything off the torso. Those pieces right now are just the feet, upper legs, and forearms; but progress is occurring. Who knows. I may get this done before too much longer. Then again, we’ve got a room upstairs that we’re desperately trying to get painted, so that needs to take priority over this. I’m sure I’ll get this done–and probably sooner rather than later–but I can’t even guess as to when.

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