Scratchin’ Out A Heinrich

I haven’t touched a thing since I posted the last entry, but I actually wrote this one at the same time, so I thought it might as well be posted. With luck, I’ll probably get some more work done on something model-related before the end of the weekend.

In addition to the work on the Fireball, the Junkers 88, the Huey research, and trying to get our baby room together; I’ve also slowly been putting together the pieces I need to make a Heinrich from nothing more than other kits, plastic, ping pong balls, and leftover parts. And it is coming along… Slowly. Sadly, I’m already planning my next Heinrich scratch-build and I haven’t even started this one.
I took some measurements the other day on the size of the pipes on the arms. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find all of the corresponding sizes in styrene pipe. Specifically, I couldn’t find 9/16". I had to settle for 1/2". I may try another store here in town to see if I have better luck there, but I’m not counting on it. I think it’ll work, without noticeable difference.
I’m using a few parts from Bandai Gundam kits, as well. I still need to find pieces to use for the upper-legs. I thought I could use a 1:144 Zaku II, but they’re too bulky. I’ll need to come up with another alternative. The left hand is going to consist of the 1:100 Zaku II hand–but I’m going to do some moderate surgery to get a look closer to what I’m after. I’m going to remove the fingers, modify the hand, and reattach the fingers. It’ll look more like an SAFS hand, but this is supposed to be an experimental Heinrich, after all. Specifically, it’ll be one that’s supposedly a test-bed for Mercenary technology. As such, a SAFS-type hand shouldn’t appear too far out of place.
I’m still not sure what pilot I’m going to use. It’s definitely going to be another "Geech" torso, but I may not use the correspoinding head. I’ve got two lovely sculpts of female pilot heads, but I need to re-cast them so I don’t have to sacrifice the originals. I’ve been slow and lazy about getting my next casts together. In addition to the heads, I need to also see if I can re-cast that Vietnam helicopter crew (although that’s going to be touchy, at 1:72 scale).
There’s a number of other parts I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with at this point. There’s the feet. I think I’ll probably end up taking a pair of "scrap" feet from another mech model and modifying them so they more closely resemble Ma.K. feet. This will probably involve Milliput and sandpaper. There’s also the back of the whole thing. On most Ma.K. suits, there’s something resembling a big lawnmower engine back there. I made a casting impression of the Heinrich engine–which I may yet try to use. Otherwise… It’s still up in the air.
It’s shaping up, but it’s a long ways from what I’d call "progress".

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