Short Fireball Update

Last night, I did put in a little time on the Fireball. Didn’t make any great strides (and didn’t take any new pictures), but there was some progress made. And in an attempt to see if I can make an entry every day this week, I’ll write it down. And since there are no new pictures, the one attached to this entry is from just prior to applying some of the decals to the Fireball. In short, his appearance now is closer to the picture in the last entry.
At any rate… For the figure, I hand-painted his outfit in a light gray last night–very thin coat of paint. This was to take the place of primer. The primer, of course, is to see how well the sculpting went. By painting over the sculpt and the original plastic, it’s possible to see how well they blend together. For the most part, it looks really good. Probably better than I expected. I did need to add some putty to the left shoulder, but once I sanded that up, it looked pretty good. So… Now it’s almost time to start painting him. Didn’t get to that last night. Part of the reason is that I’m not sure what color to paint his li’l jumpsuit. All the colors I come up with bring up mental imagery of prison inmate jumpers. So I’ll be doing a little research today and come up with something. Hopefully, I’ll lay down some paint tonight.
On the Fireball itself, I did a few things that brought it closer to completion. First, I added some more decals. Those came from both the Fireball kit, as well as leftover decals from the AFS Mk.II and the Luna Pawn. Next, I added the leg-hoses. This was simply a matter of bending two pieces of wire to the appropriate shape, sliding springs over them, and sticking them on. Finally I painted and added on the shoulder and hip armor. As with the rest of the Fireball (with a couple noteable exceptions), I first painted themy in light gray (Tamiya "Sky Grey" acrylic). After that was dry, I covered that with a thin layer of white. Actually, after the gray had dried, I attached them to the Fireball, and then painted them white. The end result is a very dirty, worn looking white. Once I’ve got the washes done, it should all blend together very nicely. Cross your fingers, at any rate.
Didn’t do much on the base last night. The wood stain wasn’t completely dry, so I left the wooden part alone. I sanded the edge of the two layers of styrene. This was after I trimmed a little excess off the bottom layer. And once it was sanded, I painted it silver again. Once that was done, I gave the top of it a wash in black. This helped bring out the diamond plate texture a bit. As with the figure, I’m going to do a little more research today (a lot of which is going to be looking at pictures of this). Hopefully, by the time I pick up a paintbrush tonight, I’ll have a good idea where I’m going with the "flight engineer" jumper and any markings for the diamond plate. In short, "tune in tomorrow!" There may not be an "exciting conclusion", but there should be some progress.

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