Fireball: Almost Finished

Well, it’s down to the wire on the Fireball now. I am teetering on the edge of completion. I spent my three-day weekend working on it here and there, as time allowed. And it’s a lot closer to done than that picture to the right might lead you to believe.
For starters, it’s fully assembled. And I only broke two important pieces getting there. The latch mechanism for the hatch snapped. Fortunately, it’s barely visible, so I took a piece of 1/16" styrene rod, bent it slightly, painted it gunmetal, and glued it into place. Next was the antenna rod. This was a blessing in disguise. I was getting ready to actually mount the Fireball to the base, when I dropped it all of two inches to the desk and (of course) the antenna broke off. I tried super-gluing it in place, but it was just wobbly. So… I took a piece of .040 styrene rod, drilled a hole into the Fireball, and glued that into place. Much more sturdy. Not only that, but I was able to make it a little longer than the original piece, which allowed it to clear the top hatch a little more easily. I also made some attempts to cover my brush strokes a little better. I dry-brushed the entire thing very lightly with flat black, and then came back over that with white. The result is a very worn-looking suit, but a suit with much fewer brush strokes. I think the washes still need cleaning up, and I need to do some touch-up, but he’s close. Very close. The Fireball was secured to the base using quick-set J.B. Weld. I think it’ll hold a little better than the super glue.
The base itself was touched up a little bit. I added a nice red box (using Tamiya "Flat Red" acrylic) for the Fireball to stand in, and some caution (yellow and black) stripes behind him. Basically, to give it a look of "if you’re not a Fireball or working on a Fireball, do not cross this line." And I’m pleased with the end result.
The figure has undergone significant improvement, as well. I colored his outfit in a flat "sky blue", his boots in Model Masters "leather". The gloves were a mix of yellow, dark yellow, and just a touch of brown. The arm patch was just red, blue, yellow, and orange. I’m not thrilled with the patch right now–I may come back to that. The shadows were brought out with two different shades of blue. I think they still need some cleaning up, as they don’t seem to be blended very well. I also need to do some more work on his face. It’s not quite done, and it definitely shows it. Hopefully, I won’t have to resort to making him my test-model for learning oils and can get away with careful washes. We’ll see. He’s been temporarily secured to the base using a 1/16" "peg" that goes from the base into the bottom of his foot. Once he’s done, I’ll just glue him down to that.
So… Being that close to the finish line, I have started eyeballing future projects, and evey gone so far as opening some boxes, cutting some plastic, and applying some glue. I don’t want to give too much away, but I am starting a test-run of a future project that I’ve already mentioned. It’s a long story, and it deserves its own entry. I’m also trying to figure out what Maschinen Krieger build should come next. I’ll probably start posting some non-Fireball related things very soon.

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