Almost Done With The Fireball

So… Last night I worked on the Fireball a bit–after blowing up a garage door opener I was trying to fix. The garage door was an interesting story, but this is a model-building journal, so I’ll stick to that (let’s just say that when smoke is pouring out of the garage door opener and it’s after 9:00 p.m., it’s time to call it a night).
Pulling out the Fireball last night, I accidentally knocked it off the base. I guess that quick-set J.B. Weld is a lot more fragile than it looks. In fact, I’d almost call it "brittle". I was able to pull the rest of it off the base and the bottom of his feet with an Xacto blade. Once that was done, I simply opted to go the same route I’d taken with the pit crew figure: I drilled two 1/16" holes into the base where his feet were, put in two short styrene rods, covered their tips in paint, and positioned the Fireball on top of them. The paint left a mark on the bottom of the feet, which then gave me the location to drill the corresponding 1/16" holes in the feet. The alignment wasn’t quite perfect, but it was close. More than close enough.
Somewhere in the middle of that, I dropped him (of course) and managed to break loose the oxygen tank on his "backpack". It was a simple bit of super glue to fix, but it was still annoying. Heaven forbid I get through any work on the Fireball without snapping something loose. I also re-positioned the right leg hose slightly. The springs were on there funny, and it didn’t look right where they met the leg. Actually, I think it was during that process that the thing dropped and the tank came loose. Regardless, all is fixed now.
I also spent some time working on the pit crew figure last night. Touched up some paint on the body and on the head. Tried to smooth out some of the washes with alcohol. I also worked on washes on the face. It’s a far cry from perfect, but it looks quite a bit better than it did. His face now has some definition that it was desperately lacking. I made use of what I had, and that was a mixture of NATO brown and flesh color. the result was a lighter color that worked well to bring out some of the definition in his face.
I’m really just about finished with this thing at this point. Hopefully, we’re done with the dropping/breaking portion of things. I’ll probably take one more look at both the Fireball and the "crew" figure. And, assuming I’m satisfied with that, I’ll hit it with a few more coats of flat lacquer and call it done. That’s a good thing, because I’ve already pretty-well moved on to other projects at this point.

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